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I'm a happy and simple person who just happens to be lucky and in love. Must have items in life: ♥ my family, pup, friends and the one that makes my heart all a-flutter♥. Don't be fooled though, I have bad days too, but that's ok because Light needs Darkness. Watch the TEDtalk about that.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


So I didn't get to go snowboarding this weekend with my cousins and fulfill some bucket list-ness with them, but I did get to cross something off!
#18, Build a home made fort with the person I love!

This past Saturday is was raining and the original plan was to go on a bike ride (hopefully I can show documentation of my awesome mountain bike riding skills!) but it just wasn't the day. We decided to be lazy and build a fort instead!

I think Hurley was thinking we were crazy! But he seemed to enjoy the cozyness of the fort too!

We had to make it high class! T.V. included to watch TEDtalks and movies!

It was rather cozy in there!

We also made some layered dip to go with chips for awesome Fort food! Of course, right after we settled into our new place (haha) and finished our dip and started a movie...we were called off to another adventure! So we took it to the next level and actually spent the night in the fort! Can you believe Brandon fit in there?! I'm shocked he was ok with spending the night in there, and I feel very lucky to be with someone who is ALWAYS willing to indulge me in childhood dreams!

Happy to cross another one off the list! woohoo!


p.s. of course I had to take a picture with the fort right before we tore it down! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012