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I'm a happy and simple person who just happens to be lucky and in love. Must have items in life: ♥ my family, pup, friends and the one that makes my heart all a-flutter♥. Don't be fooled though, I have bad days too, but that's ok because Light needs Darkness. Watch the TEDtalk about that.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Best Kind of Worst Day

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but simply haven't had the chance! I have the afternoon off though, so here we go!

A week and a day ago I had flown back into California from Colorado after Thanksgiving and even though I had to part from the love of my life, Hurley, I knew I had something equally wonderful waiting for me on the other side. It can be tough sometimes having the people you love so much in two very different places, so it's nice to look at it as something that awaits you, not something you are leaving behind. I am such a lucky gal to always have such wonderful parents and an amazing sister, or a fabulous boyfriend always waiting for me on the other side. Anyways...

Long story short, my luggage went missing! It was terrible, my life, my clothes, and my homework were all in my suitcases, and it wasn't an easy day either! It wasn't like "oh you won't get the till tomorrow," there was little slivers of hope that they would be on the next flight in from Denver. So, my wonderful boyfriend and I waited around for the next 4 flights out of Denver only to discover that they weren't coming in and that I wouldn't get them till TUESDAY. I was extremely stressed, and luckily I have survived. All in all my luggage arrived safe and sound with everything in it...but that isn't why I'm writing.

That day SHOULD have been so horrible. Missing luggage?! Are you joking me? I feel that anyone would have lost their mind, especially if it had homework in it. Don't get me wrong, I did break down a few times into tears after I would realize how much I had to lose if my luggage never turned up, but for the most part, it was one of the best days I've had in a while. I landed at 8:30-ish AM and the next flight wasn't due in till noon, so my boyfriend and I explored Sacramento. Not that there is much to explore, but for some reason in the fog and in a different was a nice time! We grabbed a burger, went to a toy store (where I wasn't sure if the employee, Bryan Dan, was hitting on my or my significant other), and saw a little bit of Old Town Sacramento. This doesn't sound like much, but we had so much fun and it's probably time I will always cherish in my memories.

After that, we went back to the airport to await the next 2 flights out of Denver, neither of which had my luggage. That was at 12:15 and 12:50. The next flight in from Denver was at 3:20 and so Brandon and I decided to go wonder yet again, and arrived magically at an Ikea. We had such a fun time going through it and testing out all the funky cool thinks they have there. We even decided on what kind of kitchen sink we would like to have one day! Overall, I had almost forgotten about my luggage problem. Finally when we were done with Ikea and 3:40 came around I called the airport to see if my bags had come in, and no such luck. I cried a little and since the next flight wasn't until 5:30, we decided to head home. But even when we got home and had picked up a few of my essentials, he was so wonderful to me. Still making me laugh and still making sure that every time he kissed me it was almost like reminding me that everything would be ok. Even though he had so much on his own plate and lost out on time to study and do homework, he was still sitting there trying to console me?! Is that even allowed?

So basically, not only did my boyfriend so an amazing job at keeping me laughing and smiling and a-ok all day long, but he gave up ALL of his Sunday to stick around with me in Sacramento to wait for my luggage which didn't even turn up that day...and he didn't get mad at me at all! This sounds very silly to say, but I know a lot of people would have ended up frustrated, annoyed, and upset. I'm so lucky that the love of my life is so amazing. A day that should have been one of the WORST moments of my life turned out to be one of the happiest! It's a day I will remember forever.

I'm so thankful to have someone who is so good to me, and so much fun! It's hard to imagine what my life was like before our relationship, but I know I am blessed and I am positive, I am sure, that I've got the real deal.