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I'm a happy and simple person who just happens to be lucky and in love. Must have items in life: ♥ my family, pup, friends and the one that makes my heart all a-flutter♥. Don't be fooled though, I have bad days too, but that's ok because Light needs Darkness. Watch the TEDtalk about that.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I liked it

Dream Graffiti

by Donie
I fell asleep pen in hand
                                         and when I woke I was surprised...

in dreaming state I could not hide
                                                            t­he love for you I keep inside.

My bed was littered as were my walls,
                                                             ­    nightstand, left arm
                                                             ­                                         legs and torso too,

                             every space within my reach                                                            ­   
                                                             ­                     all filled with scribbled thoughts of you.